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Dedicated to the memory of Camilla Stull (1994-2007) whose creative legacy was extraordinary and, had she lived, would have made the world more rich and beautiful.
Welcome to the home of the Existential Professor, Dr. Dick Stull: writer, performer, teacher, comedian, philosopher, defier of the gods, corrupter of the youth, and an all- around swell guy.

Within this cozy corner amongst the world wide web you'll find many a video and song for free. Listen, laugh, and reflect. It's there for you to enjoy. I only ask that you also visit the section of this website about my daughter, Camilla, to see why I made sure it was all available to you.

If you get a chance, you should visit the guestbook and tell me your thoughts on this little project of mine.

This website was designed and is managed by one of my students, John T. Carter.
A helluva guy, if you ask me. If you want to contact him for any webdevelopment gigs, just hit him up here.