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Dedicated to the memory of Camilla Stull (1994-2007) whose creative legacy was extraordinary and, had she lived, would have made the world more rich and beautiful.
About the Existential Professor

Dick was a featured poet/writer on the 2003- 2004 HSU Scholar’s Calendar. He has performed original spoken-word poetry, usually with jazz background since 1997 and published his first novella, Muhammad's Robe in 2004. He is currently completing the second in his trilogy of eco-sports mystery novellas entitle Finding Roberto Duran. His third novella, The Scholar and Gentleman Jim Corbett is scheduled for 2009 and a one-person show entitled Where Have You Gone, Billy Sunday? For 2008.

He has two spoken-word/jazz CD’s, the first entitled, The Existential
Professor: In Search of the Suburban Tao, the second entitled Jazz Noir. His short story Body Shots to be published in fall, 2007 in the Aethlon: Journal of Sport Literature is also a CD entitled Body Shots in A minor with music by Tim Randles. He is completing his third show entitled the Shadow Box Blues scheduled live at Six Rivers Brewery in McKinleyville, Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Two autobiographical essays, one about literature (Literary Odyssey), the other about jazz (Saints Go Marching In) chronicle some of Dick's personal history.

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